Marine Radio
in Tasmania

SYLLABUS for the

The previous MROCP and MROVCP certificates have been renamed and are as follows:
MROCP = LROCP (Long Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency) required for using a MF/HF long range radio as well as a VHF radio.
MROVCP = SROCP (Short Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency) required for using only a VHF short range radio.

Here is a broad outline of the syllabus for the marine radio operator's certificate course that allows an operator to use a short range VHF radio and a long range MF/HF radio.

An operator's certificate is a requirement for all recreational and commercial operators who use marine VHF or MF/HF radios. Enrol in a course now.


  • Ship Station Operators
  • Use of ships Radio Station

Coast and Limited Coast Station

  • Coast Station
  • Limited Coast Stations
  • VHF Marine Repeaters

Operating Procedures for Routine Communication

  • General information
  • Routine Calling and Replying
  • Procedures for Radio telephony
  • Watchkeeping

Distress, Urgency and Safety

  • Priority Calls
  • Alarm Signals
  • Distress Communication
  • Urgency and Safety Signals

Digital Selective Calling Communications

  • General information
  • Procedure for Distress, Urgency and Safety

Search and Rescue Transponders (SARTs)

Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs)

  • General information
  • 406 MHz EPIRBs
  • Care and maintenance of EPIRBs

Search and Rescue in Australia

  • General information

Marine Radio Communication Equipment

  • Types of Marine Radio Equipment
  • Radio Propagation
  • Component Parts of Marine Radio Equipment
  • Care and Maintenance of Lead Acid batteries
  • Faults on Marine Radio Equipment


  • A one hour examination set and marked by the Australian Maritime College