Marine Radio
in Tasmania

Passage Planning

Setting off on a voyage longer than 100 miles or going away overnight?

This is a minimum of information that you should consider providing to your club or to a coastal station before departure should an emergency subsequently occur. To assit you with this information download a handy check list to give to club or marine radio station.

Boat name
Radio Call Sign
Boat registration number
Current position
Description of your vessel including:- Type of vessel (runabout, cruiser, sloop, cutter, dinghy, etc)
  • Length,
  • Hull colour,
  • Superstructure colour (the colour of any structure above the deck line)
What radios are installed eg MF/HF, VHF, 27 MHz
Mobile phone number on board
Number of persons on board
Where the vessel is normally kept (mooring, berth, yacht club, marina, etc) or where the vessel was launched (trailer boats)
A shore contact name and phone number in case of an emergency. The shore contact should also know the names of your crew, their next-of-kin and their contact numbers.
Where you embarked
Time and date of return




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