Marine Radio
in Tasmania

Marine Radio in Tasmania


Marine radio is an essential means of communication between shore stations and ships at sea and for ship to ship communication. While technology now provides the modern mariner with a number of means for communication using various satellite communication devices or cellular telephones, the marine radio with all its faults remains the best means of communication by ships at sea especially in times of distress or urgency.

Development of radio technology has changed with many more repeater stations around our coast extending the range of short range VHF radio transmissions and the introduction of Digital Selective Calling.

Routine calling by ships, and ships also means small vessels such as power boats and yachts or even dinghies and canoes where the occupant carries a hand-held radio, can be a valuable safety procedure. Small vessels such as pleasure cruisers and yachts on passage where they are away from their usual home port for more than 24 hours or if the passage is 200 nautical miles or more, should make an arrangement with a shore station to call at least daily with their position. The contact details of that station should be given to a responsible person who then knows where to find the location of the vessel. Similarly, the shore station should be provided with the name and contact details of the responsible person so that they can be contacted should the need arise.

Tascoast Radio has a form that can be completed and sent to a shore station giving details of the voyage, the vessel and crew. Download form.



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