Marine Radio
in Tasmania


Articles about marine radio and their use and other maritime issues.

  1. Man Overboard (MOB), MAYDAY or PAN PAN?
    There is much confusion, among recreational mariners, regarding the correct use of radio during Man Overboard (MOB) emergencies at sea. A very useful paper prepared by the Office of Marine Communications at the Australian Maritime College gives a clear explanation on the radio call in a MOB situation. Read the Man Overboard paper here.
  2. Using your VHF Radio
    Practice makes more than perfect.
  3. Understanding VHF Radio Transmission Distances
    Radio transmission distances are not quite what they seem.
  4. The Downgrade of the Eddystone Point Lighthouse
    Possible effects of AMSA reducing the light intensity.
  5. Keep tabs on loved ones
    How the use of trackers can ease the worries of those at home.


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